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When branding your organization’s marketing materials you want to utilize the most effective promotional items available to make sure you not only stand out in the right way, but also leave a positive, effective and long lasting impression with your potential clients so they will remember the most important things about you: Who are you…Your company name or website address What you do…Your core services or the products that you offer Where they can find you…Are you a Local or National Company, Ecommerce or a Brick & Mortar Business These days from corporate to small business, local or national events branded promo products are in high demand and in wide circulation. Finding the most effective product for your business is not a job for everyone. When people ask us “What is a real good item to give out at events?” we always reply with “it depends on your marketing goals” or “a product that they will actually use and hold on to because of its quality or functionality”. There are hundreds of super cheap “Chinese junk” options that you can get for 50 cents or less online, but if people only grab them by the handful because they are free & cheap or they break the first time someone uses them, then they end up staying around for a few days and eventually get filed away or disregarded along with your logo & shot at a lasting impression. That cheap junk has now brought you an even lower return on investment and may have even had a reverse effect on your company’s brand and image.

When it comes to Branding and highly effective event giveaways or promo items it is sometimes best to go with a company that has their focus on quality & effectiveness rather than lowest price. Even if the particular products cost more than you expected and you have to do a lower quantity to stay within your budget, having them out there being used or held on to is guaranteed to be more effective than the overplayed one and done approach of a cheaply designed promo gimmick. With a plethora of marketing materials available you would think it is easy to do it yourself and get your name or brand “out there” and it will be a simple task to get your message across to new clients by giving them inexpensive promo products. However, this is generally not the case because you may have your own perception of your company and its identity even your own personal taste & style and can sometimes be confusing or misleading to a potential new client or prospect if not executed correctly.

For example, if you are in love with fish and the ocean and own a pool company and choose to use some sort of underwater ocean scene to brand a pool maintenance company; potential customers might think you do custom aquariums and ponds. Now your brand identity and promotions could start generating the wrong types of calls. For example, say you are a cell phone repair company and have a red cross type of logo, then you use a summertime favorite promotional product like a screen-printed tank tops with a big red cross on it, now your prospect might wear it out to the beach or public water park and end up having a person in danger running up to them thinking that they are an actual lifeguard. In either case the wrong type of branding can either cost you the prospect and their attention on your brand or completely confuse a future customer and generate an unusual request or ridiculous inquiry that could lead to more than likely a complete waste of time.

So, what options do you have to brand yourself right?

  1. You could hire a top-notch branding or corporate identity company and pay them big bucks to figure it all out for you. In most cases they will charge you a few thousand dollars for their time and probably do a great job, or you will find out the hard and expensive way that they are only stating the obvious and are more about “selling you a vision” of what your company could one day be. Not to mention after all of this, the extremely high price did not even include the actual promo products and that would be considered “phase 2” and sold separately $$$$ + $$$. You could always go to the Downtown Orlando Public Library and read up on Branding, Marketing or Corporate Identity and become a self-proclaimed marketing expert and after what would more than likely take hundreds of man hours become your own in-house marketing expert for your business. You may even reconsider your own business model at that point and want to switch professions into the marketing & advertising world full time.

  2. You could also go out to the Alafaya, Avalon Park or UCF area and find Marketing & Advertising under grad who is freelancing and hire them part time to “do it on the side” and pick their brain about everything they have learned this semester for the ultimate DIY marketing lesson. In this case it would be a first experience for both of you. You could do a Google Search for Promotional Products, Marketing Tools or Branding Companies in Central Florida Area and sift through hundreds of Pay-Per-Click ads or MEGA .COM websites in search of the best deal$ out there and end up with some kind of sale item that everyone else in your industry is using. Maybe even place an online order that can be shipped to your home or office in a snap, with no real clear understanding of what you just ordered until it arrives and it’s too late at that point.

Of course, you could always luck out and find the Ultimate Promotional Printer in your immediate area that offers in person Brand Consulting, Logo & Graphic Design Services and has the experience to print logos on 100s of Custom Promotional Products. If you’re lucky enough that company may even do their own printing in house or even have a quality & satisfaction guarantee on their products…..Really?

GOOD NEWS!!!! If you are reading this, you’ve already found us!

Hittn’ Skins offers all of the above at a fraction of the cost of most overpriced marketing companies or ad agencies because we are one of the few promo printers who handles the design and production of all of our products in-house. Our passion and commitment to quality is unmatched! We’ve also been one of the leading companies in our area setting trends with well thought out marketing tools that go above and beyond the norm and are built from the ground up with your marketing goals in mind. For the past 10 years our company has kept our focus on product quality, creative design and a smooth customer experience. If you’re serious about your business or companies branding and identity, we encourage you to reach out to us and see how we can help you achieve your marketing and branding goals!

Hittn’ Skins services all surrounding Central Florida Areas like Downtown Orlando, Thornton Park, Winter Park, Avalon Park, South Orlando, and Winter Garden. We print all types of effective and popular promo products that people will actually use. A few of the most popular and currently trending items are:

Branded Apparel!

Embroidered Hats & Headwear

  • Custom Snap Backs

  • Screen Printed Truckers

  • Fitted & Flat Bill Baseball Caps

  • Visors & Beanies

  • Performance Golf Hats

Promo Stickers & Decals

  • Contour Cut logo Stickers.

  • Die Cut Decals (for outdoor use)

  • Car Window Promo Stickers

  • Kiss Cut Hang Tag Stickers (for private clothing lines)

Novelty Apparel

  • Vintage & Super Soft T-Shirts

  • Water Based T Shirt Printing on super soft cotton fabrics.

  • Garment Dyed T-Shirts with Distressed Printing

  • Super Soft Raglan Baseball T-Shirts

  • Acid Washed & Comfort Color Tees

Promotional & Branding Items

  • Logo Sunglasses

  • Logo Sunscreen Lip Balm

  • Logo Hand Sanitizers

  • Die Sublimated Embroidered Patches

  • Promotional Giveaways & Branding Items

Of course, you might expect to see Branded Apparel at the top of this list as a popular marketing tool for businesses. Not only because this is the most cost-effective promo product you can benefit from, or because it is the #1 most utilized promotional product or because it is our specialty, but because people truly use them, pass them along and hold on to them much longer than any other promo out there. If it is a well put together and trendy T shirt or Hat, then it is even more likely to give you the most bang for the buck and return on your investment.

We truly hope this article will help you the next time it comes down to weighing out the cost vs. value scenario when planning out your next event and seeking the right promotional products & Branding tools to use for your company. If you have any questions or would like to set up a time to come in and plan out your next promotion, feel free to give us a call. Hittn’ Skins 407.835.2425